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I started my business through a very small home-based spa. But I was dedicated to my skill and craft. For this reason, I was able to develop a satisfactory client base and expand my business beyond a corner of my home. As my spa became fully established, there were other needs I had to look after. The number of clients I had was rapidly increasing. I needed automated technologies installed to manage the load effectively which is where Abreeze Link for MailChimp came in.

Combining Technology and Marketing

The various high-tech software and hardware I installed made my business flourish. With all the processes streamlined, I was better able to manage the clients and their needs. I was able to track the profits I was making. I even eliminated the need to hire extra staff as I was able to complete many procedures on my own.

However, once you have developed a significant customer base, you need to find methods of retaining them. A spa or salon business, especially, needs this strategy because we have to deal with local competition. The spa down the street or in the next block offers almost the same services as I do and they can easily capture the attention of my clients. I wanted to find ways to make my clients interested in my services and keep them coming back.

Benefit for Both the Business and Client

When developing marketing techniques for a business like a spa or a salon, it is important to keep transparency for the clients. When you own a big business, it is often easy to get away with marketing campaigns where the customers are lured into buying products or services they don’t necessarily need so that your business will profit. To solve this problem, I installed the Abreeze Link for MailChimp from the Clover App Market. This amazing application is compatible with my high-tech Clover point of sale system. It also allows you to connect client purchases with email marketing campaigns.

It helps me determine what the client needs and the service I can offer as a result. For example, I know when the client should renew their hair color and I can track that information through the Abreeze Link for MailChimp. The application will send an automated email to this client when the time is right. If they respond, it is beneficial for both of us.

The application has exceptional features that enable me to divide my clients into how much they spend and what they buy. Each customer has the information stored separately. It also allows freedom to the client. If a customer doesn’t want to be bothered with frequent emails, they can be simply removed from the automated lists.

Tracking customer data and responding accordingly to their needs has never been this easy. I recommend the Abreeze Link for the MailChimp app if you want the best for not only your customers but also your business.





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