Why The Clover Mini Is The Best POS System For Your Food Truck

The Food Truck business seems to have boomed overnight. Aspiring chefs used to have to spend thousands of dollars to try their hand at running a restaurant, but now any foodie entrepreneur can start their own business.

If you are thinking about jumping into the driver’s seat of a food truck, you’ve thought over many factors. You have to think about licensing, stop locations, or maybe you are still building a basic business plan. It can all be overwhelming, so where do you start?

The answer is with Clover! But more specifically, the Clover Mini. It is an all-in-one mini POS system that is ready for business anywhere, just like you! But what makes the Clover Mini so perfect for food trucks?

The Size

While customers love food trucks, people behind-the-scenes know how cramped it can be. You have equipment and supplies, not to mention your staff, so you don’t want a huge register taking up space. The Clover Mini is just the right size to fit in your truck. Its long battery life guarantees it will work as hard as you do.

Easy Payments

When a food truck opens it doesn’t close until the end day is done, so don’t get caught up in taking payments. The Clover Mini can handle any type of payment whether it’s swiping a card, tapping a phone, or taking cash. The best part is that the funds can be in your bank account as quickly as the next day!

Stay On Top Of Everything

When you choose a Clover Mini device, you are taking your business into the future before it even gets started. It enables you to monitor your sales, best sellers, and other great apps to help you run your business. No matter how big your business gets or whatever it needs, the Clover Mini will be able to grow with you.

Starting your very own food truck business can be a dream come true. Just keep in mind that most dreams don’t happen overnight. That is why it is important to use the very best business tools from the start. Ready to get started? Give us a call. We are happy to set you up with all the devices you need so you can get your wheels moving. 

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