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How To Keep Your Customers Engaged

Through the course of the pandemic, many businesses have had to search for new and creative ways to stay in touch with their customers. Engagement from customers and maintaining loyalty programs are business owners top priority while struggling to stay open. Even when a business performance is strong, customer engagement is the top priority. When

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As a business owner, you are bombarded with information from the moment you open your doors. Not only are you managing thousands of inventory items, but you’re also overseeing your store’s revenue, profits, and customer details. It’s enough data to make anyone’s head spin. But the real challenge comes down to knowing which information you

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What You Want & Need In Your POS System

Finding the right POS can be a difficult process. Finding all the features your business needs can be a process. Not to mention the Point-Of-Sale provider could take days if not weeks to set up with no opportunity to test the system before you receive it. There are dozens of features and functions you want

Benefits of Clover

You’ve probably heard of Clover before, and no we are not talking about four-leaf clovers. Clover software is the best POS system that you need to run your business smoothly. Its advanced features can do everything from helping keep your customer’s information safe to help you build a stable cash flow. You’ve probably heard many