Three Clover Apps Your Restaurant Needs

If you are new to Clover you might be feeling a little overwhelmed. Clover’s pos devices are quick and easy to use, but where do you start when managing your restaurant? There are hundreds of apps that can help you run your business smoothly, but which are right for you? Wonder no longer, cause we have the three best apps to use with your pos system whether you are serving pizza or sushi. 

SeatOn Reservations

When you have a successful restaurant managing all the customers coming in and out of your door can be a challenge. You have to hold reservations and take walk-ins while still managing no-shows and incoming calls. The last thing you want is to turn any business away. That’s why SeatOn Reservations is the best app to use with your Clover system. SeatOn Reservations not only helps you manage your reservations and walk-ins, but you can receive online reservations directly from your website using a widget. This powerful tool can help you increase your profits and keep your customers happily moving in and out of your door.

Clover Dining

Reservations are one thing, actually handling your customers once they are seated is a whole other task. With Clover Dining, managing customers will always be a breeze. This seamless system lets you create a digital floor plan. This ensures smooth staff communication and manages your tables all in one place. Best of all this Clover app has built-in Clover security so you know yours and your customer’s information is safe at all times. 

Time Clock

Now your customers are all set, but what about your staff? You want everything to run smoothly for them too. Well, one of the most popular apps on Clover is Time Clock by Homebase. This powerful app helps you easily track time, employee schedules, and simplifies your payroll system. You can even communicate with your team through the app so you are always on the same page. Start using Time Clock right away if you want to manage your team simply while keeping them happy.

These apps are just the beginning, there are still dozens upon dozens of apps that can only help your business. Not set up with a Clover POS system yet? Reach out to us! Set up is quick and easy, so get started today.

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