Food Truck Industry

Solutions to Fit Your Needs

Food Truck Owners, it’s time to switch to Clover®. We have the perfect device for you. Let us prove why your business needs Clover.

Clover Flex

An all-in-one device that allows your business to move with you. You are working in a very small space in a Food Truck. As a result, you need the ability to take payments efficiently and quickly. Well with the Clover Flex you will have access to a built-in receipt printer and a barcode scanner so you never have to skip a beat during a busy day. The device also takes virtually all kinds of payment methods so you never have to worry about a particular card slowing you down.

Promos App

You have probably thought about how to promote your Food Truck on more than one occasion, and that is something that should always be on your mind. Promoting your business is what keeps your Food Truck alive for that reason you’ll have access to Clover’s Promo App. You’ll be able to reach a wider customer base than you ever thought possible. Post all of your promotions to Facebook and Twitter with just one click. Due to the fact that you need to constantly be in touch with your buyers with the app, you’ll be able to Automatically collect customer contact information to help you build your mailing list. You’ll also be able to send real-time promos directly to your customer by email, text, and more!

Manage Your Supplies

Worried about inventory needed for the next workday? Clover products can take care of your most tedious jobs for you. Not only will it give you an accurate inventory list, but it also has a built-in bar code scanner allowing you to track your Food Truck inventory efficiently. The system is also quick in its updates so you will always have accurate numbers when it comes to your supplies.

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