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Fraud & Security

Minimize Fraud

Keep in mind that in such a digital era fraud activities are almost impossible to stop; but by being proactive, you can predict fraudulent activities and reduce the issue.

Payer Authentication

By using methods like payer authentication, address verification services, CVV requirements & cardholder verification solutions, we will help you combat fraudulent transactions.

Tokenization & Cryptography

Tokenizing focuses on protecting consumers and opening up access to new providers. Cryptography is the practice of encrypting data into an unreadable format.

Analyze Trends & React

We help businesses via proven fraud monitoring, threat intelligence, analytics, security best practices, identity management, and authentication technologies.

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It’s Impossible to Completely Prevent Fraud

According to a LexisNexis RiskSolutions report, merchants lost an average of 1.32% of revenue to fraud and its related costs. Fraud in the eCommerce world could happen anytime and anywhere, so it’s hard to eliminate. Technology is developing rapidly, and there are warning signs you can look out for to limit the number of fraudulent activities. Cobalt takes on the responsibility in monitoring your orders before shipping them – especially international orders.


Protection & Security

Make sure your eCommerce platform has multi-layered security.

Cobalt keeps your eCommerce business safe from cyber-criminal activity by layering your security. Make sure your platform host has protections in place on an application-level, such as contact forms, search tools and login fields.

Manage PCI Scans & Updates

Cobalt makes sure you are PCI compliant. An eCommerce platform must adhere to a strict set of policies and procedures that guarantee the security of payment via credit or debit card. Cobalt also regularly monitors your eCommerce platform. We issue frequent updates and PCI scans to field for any potential threats that may be targeting your online store. Automatic updates should be a standard practice in preventing new vulnerabilities to viruses and malware.

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FRAUD Mgmt Services