How To Start Selling Gift Cards Online

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Everyone knows that Gift Cards are the quick and easy gift for any occasion. You might not realize it but, they are actually a billion-dollar industry and it’s only growing each year. As a business owner, you’ve probably noticed the convenience of gift certificates and have already started selling them in your store or restaurant. But have you ever considered selling them online?

For a small business, selling gift cards online can be a massive opportunity to make more sales, especially now. Even though everyone is in quarantine, special events are still passing by, like birthdays and anniversaries. Right now gift cards are the best gifts for consumers to give since it gives people in quarantine something to look forward to once restrictions are lifted. Adding gift certificates to your business offerings is the fastest way for your brick-and-mortar business to secure some immediate cash flow. 

So how do you get started?

Download The App

If you want to manage your gift cards from your Clover system then you need to download the Gift Cards app. It is the ultimate solution for gift card sales. You will not only be able to sell digital and physical gift cards, but you’ll be able to accept them right through the customer’s phone and check the balances. The system is so easy to use and you will have dozens of sales in no time. 

Let Your Customers Know

You might think that customers know that you are selling gift cards, but many of them might not. Once you are set up to sell gift certificates online make a huge deal about it. Everywhere you market your website there should be some sort of notice that you sell gift cards. That not only means your website, but Facebook, Instagram, and any other social media platforms your business has. 

Create A Promotion

After you’ve spread the word about your gift cards, you might want to think about creating a promotion. Many businesses have overlooked creating specials around gift certificates. Too many assume that if customers want gift certificates they’ll ask for them and that is that. Creating a campaign centered around your gift cards can not only increase your sales but help ensure that you have multiple visits coming in the future.

Set Up An eCommerce Store

Expanding into gift cards means your business probably sells more than just one product. If so, it might be time to expand into an eCommerce site. You can set up digital or physical cards to ship and sell to be sold as well as any other products you sell. It is a great way to not only grow your sales but to grow your reach with your customers.

Getting your gift cards online is the best way to bring your sales online. It not only helps you maintain sales until the pandemic is over, but it will benefit your business long after. Still have some questions about getting the most out of your POS system? Reach out to us! All we want is to make sure your business is always operating at its best.

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