How To Create A Contactless Experience

Customer’s desire for a touchless payment experience has increased dramatically this past year. Contactless payments means that there are no swiping cards, no signing receipts or touching pin pads. Touchless payments offer customers a simple and safe way to make payments in your stores to complete a sale. But how does that benefit your business and how can you even make the switch if you are interested? 

The Benefits

Initiating transactions with a contactless card reader means your employees don’t even need to touch the customer’s card. The biggest benefit to this is that it means there is no transmission of bacteria and germs. With customer’s health safety being business owners top priority this guarantees a safe checkout process for their customers. This process also creates a quicker and convenient way to checkout. Without the back and forth of card exchanges it allows customers to complete their transactions faster. Not only that, but contactless transactions create a more secure experience. With no need to hand over a credit or debit card it helps reduce the risk of payment information being lost or stolen. 

Touchless payments offer customers a simple and safe way to make payments. But how does that benefit your business?

How To Encourage Contactless Payments

Drop Signature Requirements 

In 2018, the leading credit card providers officially stopped requiring signatures from EMV-compliant merchants for in-store payment authorizations. The main reason it speeds up the transaction process, but also removes unnecessary physical contact within pens or touchscreen signatures. By eliminating signatures it reduces your use of receipt paper which will help make your stock last. 

Install A Customer-Facing Display

Even when you eliminate signature requirements there can still be the need to touch a screen or pin pad during checkout. Like when using a debit card or entering a phone number for a loyalty program. To help keep both your employees and customers safe during checkout is to install a register display for your customers. This makes it convenient for your customers but makes cleaning and disinfecting easier for your staff in between transactions. 

Move Your Inventory Online

The truly best way to create a touchless shopping experience is to create an online store. This way customers can order what they like on your website and enter in all their payment information online. Leaving only a quick pickup or delivery necessary to complete the transaction. Embracing an eCommerce business provides users with the comfort of shopping remotely. It also allows them to see all your store has to offer before making their final purchase. 

The world has rapidly adopted contactless payments and you can quickly get on board too. Don’t have the kind of POS system that can support contactless payments? No problem, our team can schedule a demo for you to see what Clover devices can do for your business. Already have a contactless payment solution? Checkout our devices and make sure that your register system is offering you everything your business needs. The sooner you make the switch to contactless payments the sooner you can offer an in-store and customer safe shopping experience.

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