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If you are a Lawyer or an accountant you have a lot on your plate. It’s time to switch to Clover® and let it take care of the busy work for you. We found some of the top applications for your industry, so check it out! Let us prove why Cobalt Payments is right for you.




Cobalt Virtual Terminal CC Sale Screenshot



Virtual Terminal

With the Virtual Terminal, you can create ACH transactions and enable reoccurring billing which offers dozens of potential benefits for merchants and their customers. You will also have the ability to safely set up customer vaults to increase your business efficiency by being able to store the customers billing and contact information.



Appointments Pro App

Making sure all your appointments are managed correctly is probably the most important task for your business. By using the Clover Appointments Pro App your days will remain full and run smoothly. You’ll be able to create, update, and view your customer appointments easily. While it is doing all that it also helps you can also manage all your employee calendars and store business hours.



Learn More

At last! There is a system that can take care of all the busy work for you in seconds. We have only listed a few of the amazing features Clover & Cobalt have to offer, there is, even more, to love about the systems! So, what are you waiting for? It seems like there is nothing left to do but to get in touch with the Cobalt team and start growing your business like never before.

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