Now Accept PayPal and Venmo From A Clover Device

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Due to the expeditious growth of technology and increased demand for consumer convenience, the payment processing industry has shifted again and again. After 2020, 65% of consumers now prefer a contactless payment process. With Clover devices, you can provide touchless payments easily, and now you can accept even more payment types. 

The Update

Clover has now partnered with PayPal and Venmo to give merchants the ability to accept payments through QR codes. This will help merchants continue to make fast and easy payments with each transaction. Since these are the two payment systems millions prefer, customers will also love it too. 

With Clover devices, you can provide touchless payments easily, but now you can accept even more payment types.

How It Works

In just a few taps merchants will be able to ring up a customer’s sale and generate the QR code. From there, customers can provide payment in three easy steps. First, they’ll need to scan the QR code within their PayPal or Venmo app and then they will confirm the payment amount. From there your merchants just need to confirm that the payment has been received and they’ll be good to go. Fast, simple, and completely contactless for every customer’s safety. 

Why Utilize This Feature

By expanding your payment processing methods with PayPal, you will be able to tap into a growing network of almost 400 million users. Venmo is used by roughly 50 million users and is still growing. The Venmo app has a high engagement user base, which means your customers can have the option to share their purchases with their network to help you get discovered. With these payment methods at the register, Clover makes it easier than ever to capture sales and provide A+ customer service. 

Excited for this new feature? This is just the beginning. Keep your eye out for more new features with your Clover devices. Don’t have a Clover account just yet? We can help! Cobalt Payments has an unbeatable partnership with Clover which means we can set up your business with the devices that fit your business needs. Give us a call to get started

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