Pandemic Trends That Are Here To Stay

As the pandemic starts to be under control, many have been discussing the “new normal”. While many aspects of the pre-pandemic world will return life will not return to exactly the same. In the retail industry, the new normal will include business practices that they had to pick up for the sake of surviving this past year. If you haven’t adapted the following trends into your business yet, now is the time to give your business a competitive edge. See what your business needs and how Clover devices can help you.

Subscription Bundles

The eCommerce subscription market has essentially doubled each year since 2013. Due to the past year that growth has accelerated even more during the pandemic. The appeal of subscription bundles is that they make consumer’s lives easier with customizable products. As many markets have learned to cater to customers at home. It is likely that the shoppers will continue to enjoy the convenience of subscription services. eCommerce retail has seen a significant growth since the start of the pandemic.

With more buyers realizing the convenience of online shopping it makes now the perfect time to expand your business into the growing trend. If your business can handle a subscription bundle feature now is the perfect time to get started. It is the perfect way to make your revenue more predictable, smooth out any peaks or dips during your seasonal sales periods and best of all get your customers excited about your products. With the combination of Clover POS and the CobaltConnect Liquor Store App, you can manage instore and online sales in one place.

Curbside Pickup & Delivery

Customers have been able to “buy on their own terms” for the last year. A study done by Shopify found that 40% of customers who used curbside pickup during the pandemic plan to continue using. Curbside pickup and direct shipping have become the new standards and it can have a major impact on your in-store operations. Customers found that when businesses offer delivery they feel like their business is more appreciated. Rather than a “come in and buy from me feel.” Customers will also see that you can offer great communication throughout the curbside pickup and shipping process. Timely texts, email updates, efficient deliveries, and easy returns are all features that your business will need in order to successfully offer this kind of service to your buyers. Features that Clover Devices can offer with just a few screen taps.

Contactless Payment

Due to the high risk of transmission when handling cash and credit cards. Touch free payments rose 40% by the end of the first quarter in 2020. Master card has even estimated that 80% of consumers have adapted to some method of contactless payment. The growing trend of curbside pickup and delivery has also increased the demand for contactless payments. They offer customers quick and flexible checkouts without any additional risk to themselves. When customers have multiple options for payment with Clover POS, not only feel like their business is valued but their safety. 

Shopping Local

With a year full of negative news something a little positive managed to come out of the pandemic. Consumer interest in supporting small businesses has grown and it is expected to continue long after the pandemic is over. Covid-19 has a major disruption on many global supply chain’s ability to do business. With big-box retailers unable to offer fast shipping, consumers turned their attention to local merchants. Everyone has been through a rough time and people want to support their local businesses.

People want to support your businesses as they get back to their “new normal.” Moreover, customers want to go that extra mile to support their business as we all get back out into the world. To give your business a leg up you need to start integrating these pandemic trends into your business. It can all start by contacting the Cobalt Payments team. A Clover POS register can help you in ways you never thought possible. Make each transaction safer and easier. Best of all, grow your business! To learn more about the Clover POS system and other payment solutions reach out to 

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