Retail Checkout Counter Ideas To Help Improve Customer Experience

eCommerce sites are making it harder and harder for retailers to get customers through their doors. This was true long before the pandemic, but online shopping’s hold over the market is even stronger now. Fortunately, there are plenty of checkout strategies that can help shopping in your physical store even more appealing. Below are a few retail POS system checkout counter ideas to help improve your customer experience. 

Run Discounts and Promotions

Online shopping sales can be hard to beat. However, there are key advantages to physical locations: No shipping costs and instant gratification. Without the need to account for shipping charges, it gives each business the opportunity to be flexible with the deals and promotions they run. This will help retail merchants compete with eCommerce merchants within the same space. Use the wiggle room you have in your budget to your advantage. Create engaging signs at your checkout counter or on tv screens in your store. This will encourage the use of a particular sale or deal with each transaction.

Invest In Extensive Employee Training

Another way to get an advantage over online retailers is ensuring top notch face to face interactions with your customers. With each transaction you have an opportunity to build a relationship with your customers. Better customer service training is essential to nurturing those relationships. Regular and extensive customer service training can include showing employees how to upsell sale’s products and encourage larger transactions. This can help increase sales without making the customers feel like they are being sold to. 

Accept More Payment Types

Brick-and-mortar can also use their ability to accept more payment types to their advantage. eCommerce sites are limited to only use the payment processing method they have set up with their site. In your store location you can accept credit cards, debit cards, gift cards but also cash, checks, and mobile wallet payments. A good way to utilize this advantage is to consider making a promotion based on the payment type your customer uses with their transaction. 

Upgrade Your Checkout Counter Display

Even if everything is running smoothly in your business your payment processing can slow you down. This meaning long lines and wait times. You can help make this less painful with an up-to-date register system. Clover systems allow you to process payments whether your system is on or offline. So you can run transactions even when the power is out. 

Gift Cards

Accepting gift cards is one of the best methods for retail businesses to increase foot traffic into their stores. Gift cards can help attract new customers while maintaining loyal ones. With the Clover system you can use the Gift Card app to move thing long. Customize them with your brand, logo, and colors and display them right at the counter.

At Cobalt, our team is prepared to provide your retail store with the best POS solution. Each Clover system has a powerful range of features that are designed to help make your checkout process convenient, fast, and secure. It is time to take your store to the next level. Reach out to one of our Cobalt Payments sales agents to get started with the best pos solution for your business today. 

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