Initiative Retail POS System

Retail store owners, it’s time to switch to Clover®. We have all the solutions you need. We’ve put together one of our top devices, along with two perfect Clover applications for your specific industry. Let us prove why your business needs Clover.

Clover Station

With the Clover Station, you’ll be able to speed through everyday tasks like employee scheduling and inventory management. Due to the efficiency of the system, you’ll be able to decrease checkout lines in your retail stores and give customers more buying choices. Never worry about something going wrong at checkout with the fast, reliable, and secure payment processing built-in.

Clover Promo App on laptop


Promos App

You have probably thought about how to promote your retail store on more than one occasion, and that is something that should always be on your mind. Promoting your business is what keeps your retail store alive for that reason you’ll have access to Clover’s Promo App. You’ll be able to reach a wider customer base than you ever thought possible. Post all of your promotions to Facebook and Twitter with just one click. Due to the fact that you need to constantly be in touch with your buyers with the app, you’ll be able to Automatically collect customer contact information to help you build your mailing list. You’ll also be able to send real-time promos directly to your customer by email, text, and more!



Feedback App

You always want to make your customers happy. With free Feedback, you will be able to keep in touch with them at all times.  All apps in the Clover App Market are compatible with all Clover devices. With the Feedback app, you will be able to make up for negative feedback with coupons and keep bad reviews off of sites and social media. Best of all you will be able to hear directly from your customers to find out what they love most about your business

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At last! There is a POS system that can take care of all the busy work for your retail store in seconds. We have only listed a few of the amazing features Clover & Cobalt have to offer, there is, even more, to love about the systems! So, what are you waiting for? It seems like there is nothing left to do but to get in touch with the Cobalt team and start growing your business like never before.

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