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Running my restaurant has never been this easy and efficient. Since I discovered the TableMAPP Application on my Clover® Station and all its advanced features, my business has thrived. With the app, you can structure your tables into a custom map of your establishment. Not only can you choose the size of your tables, but you are also able to customize the shape and location within your restaurant. With TableMAPP you can quickly set and open orders. The app can give you the status of each table, enabling your staff to give your customers the best experience possible. With one click my staff and I are able to see the number of tables and seats open. We can count the number of guests in the restaurant at any given time, and the orders which have been made and served.

With this app, I have my restaurant running seamlessly. We no longer have situations where customers are seated, and due to miscommunication, we have no waitress. We know which tables have yet to order, which are waiting on which table, and how long customers have been sitting. Our staff also has an easier time taking orders and serving since it’s all coordinated from a central point.
Another benefit of the app is the ability to track payments of the restaurant. This process is not as tedious as it once was when I had to tabulate the cash receipts. The TableMAPP app tells me which orders have been paid making it easy to track my cash flow.


TableMAPP, which is available on the Clover app market, is also simple to install and user-friendly. It comes with easy to understand instructions to guide you throughout the process.
This is an app that will transform the way you manage your restaurant. It will give you essential data to utilize when making important decisions that you wouldn’t have had previously. You no longer have to rely on mere observation to record data. You run the operations, real-time data is available to allow you to make timely and sound decisions.
TableMAPP is the app you need to enhance your business, for yourself as a business owner, and your staff.

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