What You Want & Need In Your POS System

Finding the right POS can be a difficult process. Finding all the features your business needs can be a process. Not to mention the Point-Of-Sale provider could take days if not weeks to set up with no opportunity to test the system before you receive it. There are dozens of features and functions you want to help you run your business. Let’s take a look at a few of the features, functions, and services you’ll want in a POS device. We’ll also tell you why a Clover POS is the only system you’ll ever need.

Easy Payment Processing

There are dozens of different forms of accepting and processing payments out there now. Customers can use cash, credit, debit, checks, and anything in-between so you are going to want a POS system that can handle it all. Nothing is worse than having to turn a customer away because your system can’t process their preferred form of payment. With Clover, you can accept payments not only easier, but smarter and faster too. All types of Clover POS devices can process EMV Chip Cards, Swipe Cards, Contactless payments, cash, and checks. Give your customers multiple ways to pay within just one system. 

Customer Communication

Your customers are the lifeblood of your business. Without them, you would have to shut your doors. That is why it is so important for you to know all you can about your customers, new or long-term. Getting to know all you can about them is essential and you need a register that can help you store, manage, and update your customer’s information all in one place. Clover devices have multiple engagement tools that can help you build and nurture the relationships between you and your customers. Whether you are communicating with them to ask for feedback or are providing loyalty benefits to your biggest fans. You can always stay in touch when working with a Clover POS

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You can’t run your business successfully without proper management of your inventory, but it isn’t just sales transactions you need to manage. While you want a POS register that can perform sales transactions, you also need it to be able to manage exchanges and returns. Clover POS is the powerful terminal that can handle it all. Optimize your inventory, close out sales faster, and sell more each day!

Rewards Programs

When you want to attract more traffic into your store what do you do? Create a promotion of course! Gift cards and rewards programs for your most loyal customers are the best way to make new customers and to keep loyal ones. However, it can be a bit overwhelming to manage your reward program information all on your own. That is why Clover POS has multiple apps to help you manage your programs. With Clover’s reward programs and gift cards, everything is fast and simple.

Employee Management

Your staff helps your business thrive, so make sure you manage them with only the very best tools. Gone are the days of having to punch in with a piece of paper or do payroll based on what hours your employees say they worked. Clover can help you manage every aspect of your business. Install your register device with apps that can help you run reports to identify your top performers. Even set different permission levels and give specific employees the appropriate access. It is time to make it easier for your employees to do their jobs!

That is just the tip of the iceberg of what Clover POS has to offer your business. There are many more apps and features that can help your business run at the top of its capability. Write down any other features you need before reaching out to one of our sales agents to get started. We can update your existing system in a matter of days. It is time to get the solutions that your business needs.

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