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By now, we all know a business’ website is a huge part of its success – especially in today’s digitally-based society. Having an impressive website gives your company a huge competitive advantage. Every company’s website is going to be different, as there are different industries, different goals, and different products/services. No matter the difference there are a few ground rules to follow when deciding on the appearance of your website. Here are a few quick tips to remember when it comes to your business’ website.

Stay Mobile Friendly

The process of building your website is fun! Picking your theme, colors, designs, etc make the process personalized and exciting! However, one big mistake that a lot of small businesses make is not putting as much effort into their mobile version of their website. We live in a mobile society where, more often than not, potential customers are on their phones and stumbling upon your website. First off, don’t worry. If you’re realizing that your business can use a better mobile-friendly site, or if you need website development help in general, Cobalt Media Marketing can help you through it all (click here to get quotes and email with specialists).

Bye, Bye Clutter

We can all agree, no one ever reads every word on a website. We scroll, skip, and pick out keywords and sentences. Knowing this, it’s better to focus on visual design instead of word count. The less someone has to read, the better. Think about what you, yourself, look at when scrolling through a new website. Text and calls to action are necessary, of course, but professional graphic design, images, subheadings, and chunking are all necessary in order to keep your potential customers engaged.

Easy Navigation

As computer screens, smartphones, and technology evolve, your website needs to, as well. Many small businesses use professional UX/UI designers to format their websites. It’s a designers job to arrange content in a clear, visually appealing manner. Remember, you only have a few seconds to grab someone’s attention – if you have a clear hierarchy of information on your site, readers can’t help but subconsciously follow the breadcrumbs you left for them. Using UX/UI designers will help organize your business website into clear, digestible pieces of content, with the most effective layout. 

Confused about what UX/UI data is exactly? Read this blog here!P

Psychology Matters

While structure and functionality provide the building blocks of a business website, the design is the main driver. Most people don’t think of all the main elements in the design – one being the use of color. Color doesn’t just liven up a site and make it look pretty, it’s able to affect and evoke specific emotions from your potential clientele. This tactic has been used many times in marketing campaigns. The most recognizable, famous logos you see every day have purposefully used color to their advantage – why don’t you do the same! Below, we’ve put some of the basics of color psychology so you can get an idea on how to use it for your brand.

Let us know if you’ve heard of these tips! If you want additional help on your business website click here and we’ll set you up with one of Cobalt Media specialists to work with you!

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